Antimicrobial Sanitisation

Using the imported long-acting antimicrobial sanitisation solution, the standard reaches the rare food-grade certification in the market, and the surface of the object (such as furniture and toys) is sprayed down by the Healthy Giant team and the antibacterial effect can be maintained for 30-90 days or more, Continuously sanitises and kill viruses every minute and every second, unlike other general disinfectants

Effective against COVID-19

Effectively and continuously kill 99.99% of viruses, fungi and more than 120 pathogens and bacteria, including COVID-19, H1N1, EV71, etc., to avoid cross infection

Effective control of hand, foot and mouth disease, can effectively kill drug-resistant bacteria, suitable for child care centers, kindergartens, schools, tutorial centers, Playgroups, beauty salons, medical institutions, public places, etc.

• The disinfectant complies with the US FDA food safety standards. When spraying, engineers and institutional staff can work at ease, harmless to humans, and will not cause pungent odors