Formaldehyde Removal and VOCs Service

Healthy Giant's formaldehyde removal advantages:

  1. The formaldehyde test numbers before and after the service are provided free of charge for reference, and guests can also request third-party laboratory reports (third-party reports are subject to additional charges)

  2. Strictly selected coatings that do not cause secondary pollution, leave any dust, and do not increase volatile organic compounds in the space.

  3. The coatings used by Healthy Giant are personally selected by the director of the company and must pass the toxicity test, and strict requirements are required to produce results in a short time, and the guests are more flexible in arranging for occupation and relocation.

  4. Healthy Giant's team provides several coating sprays at reasonable prices to accelerate the decomposition of formaldehyde, and it is very important to prescribe the right medicine; if the smell is strong after the decoration of the guest, we will also arrange to rent a patented oxygen polymerization air purifier developed by the University of Science and Technology to speed up the removal of odours.

  5. Healthy Giant does not need to cover the plate hole spraying method to treat the formaldehyde inside the furniture. Many customers misunderstand that some companies achieve zero formaldehyde in the cabinet, but it is only the sealing plate. After a period of time, the coating falls off, and the formaldehyde gradually becomes volatile, and the customer does not know. Therefore, Healthy Giant uses natural permeable raw materials for the characteristics of furniture and uses physical principles to extract the formaldehyde from the core, and the upper space oxygen decomposes the substance.

Healthy Giant removal steps:

1. The coating that decomposes formaldehyde is sprayed on the surface of clean objects, which is absolutely effective in accelerating the removal of formaldehyde. Therefore, it is recommended that guests must thoroughly clean the renovated areas before using the formaldehyde decomposition service, as well as the inside and outside of their furniture. (The company also has an agent for cleaning after renovation, if needed, please contact us)

2. Use the formaldehyde concentration meter to measure the concentration before formaldehyde removal at different locations. If you decide to use the Healthy Giant service immediately, the measurement fee is free.

3. The company uses formaldehyde-removing coatings approved by the LFGB and European Norm, and the coatings have passed toxicity tests and have been proved safe, non-toxic, and effectively decompose formaldehyde and volatile organic compounds.

4. Use a high-pressure spray gun to spray the raw materials uniformly. Healthy Giant does not save costs. When the case requires, we will spray in multiple layers with an additional fee.
5. After spraying, the Healthy Giant staff will use the measuring instrument again to detect the concentration of formaldehyde. Households can generally degrade to at least 0.1ppm or below, while commercial units generally can degrade at least 4-6

times of their original amounts.

6. It is recommended that customers cooperate and open the windows to increase air convection; if customers are unable to open the windows, the air conditioner can be turned on to increase convection and accelerate the decomposition of formaldehyde.

7. The company will re-measure the formaldehyde concentration within six months of the guarantee, but it does not include the new furniture or new decorations during the maintenance period that affect the change in the formaldehyde concentration; if this causes the formaldehyde concentrations to increase again, our customers can use our formaldehyde removal service again paying only 40% of the first service fee.