Mould Removal and Repair

  • We will send a professional to your home for a free visual inspection and use the Hygiena SystemSURE Plus ATP luminometer for a rapid bacterial test to identify the severity of mould content.

  • In many cases, the serious mould problem is behind the leakage problem of the building itself. The company can arrange for free professional building inspection experts to come on-site and use professional testing equipment to find the source of the leakage and provide professional advice. If necessary, professional leakage prevention services can be added to identify the root cause (purely depending on the personal needs of the guests, the company does not hard-sell any leakage prevention services).

  • To completely remove the mould, it is necessary to eliminate the roots of the dead mould and prevent the spores from reproducing. Healthy Giant, along with Australia's leading mould removal service company No Germs, and New Zealand's rapidly emerging mould removal service company Clear Mould, all simultaneously use the international antimicrobial brand ZOONO to thoroughly assist commercial and residential units to control mould.

  • Many people think that companies that can remove mould must charge high fees. This is a misunderstanding! We only need simple construction procedures and internationally tested raw materials, and it is not difficult to deal with mould, so we do not charge high prices for solving our customers' problems

  • After the mould is removed, the Healthy Giant team will teach the guests how to maintain the environment to reduce the spread of mould on a large scale and provide free consultation for a long time. Because Hong Kong is in the southern China climate, the units in the sea or the mountains are particularly prone to mould growth. If the company's assistance and service is needed for a certain period of time, we will take the initiative to provide you with special offers.

What harm is caused by mould microbes?

When the spores multiply, allergy symptoms, chronic fatigue, joint pain, headache, memory loss, difficulty concentrating, cough, runny nose, poor breathing, sensitive nose or eyes will occur.
Severe cases can cause lung disease, as Hong Kong has quite a humid climate, it is very common for fungi to grow in large numbers