Nano-coating services
Nanotol is the latest development in the field of nano-coatings. A surface coated with Nanotol can be cleaned of dirt, grease and dust deposits just using water, without the use of surfactants (or cleaning agents) and – depending on the amount used – for up to several months or several years. Nanotol is safe in every respect, hygienic and biodegradable.
Clean 50% less
Nanotol sealed surfaces are grease, dirt, oil and water repellant. They stay clean longer and are very easy-to-clean for a long time.

Clean 80% faster
Tiny nanoparticles fill the pores of the surface and prevent dirt from accumulating there, thus speeding up the cleaning process.

90% less cleaning agents
Most of the time you only need clean water to remove the dirt on the surface, which also reduces the damage to the surface done by harmful chemicals.
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