Step 1: Zoono Mould Killer

Step 1: Zoono Mould Killer

Zoono mould killer completely kills mould roots with natural ingredients.

Zoono has developed a formula for mould. The first step is to use Zoono mould killer to completely kill the mould at the original location of the mould. It is different from the normal bleach that only bleaches the surface near the mould, but does not completely kill the mould. Zoono mould killer formula can deeply kill mould roots, kill hail seeds, and make mould disappear. The second step is to use with Zoono mould Guard to prevent mould!

Zoono mould killer is suitable for use in kitchens, bathrooms, bathtubs and other places where stubborn mould appears.

  • For external use only. If swallowed accidentally, call your doctor. This product may cause slight skin or eye discomfort. If it causes skin discomfort, please seek professional advice from a doctor. If the product gets into your eyes, please rinse thoroughly with water for a few minutes. If you wear contact lenses, please remove them first. If your eyes continue to feel uncomfortable, seek medical attention immediately.

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