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What is the Germ Balance?

Use probiotics to control evil bacteria: release environmental probiotics into the air to form a protective layer (probiotic microbiota) on various surfaces and objects, help restore the ecological balance of the indoor environment, help eliminate indoor allergens, Mold and pathogenic bacteria, thereby reducing odor, asthma attacks, toxic mold spores, dust mite allergens, pet dander and odor, cough and itchy throat, allergic reactions and irritation, and spread of infectious diseases.

Germ Balance cleaning products use harmless probiotics and prebiotics to eliminate bacteria and odor-causing bacteria in a competitive manner without increasing the risk of drug resistance; Germ Balance probiotics series products are aimed at external bodies such as humans, pets, farming, agriculture, etc. The environment maintains a good microbial community balance to lead to a cleaner and healthier life.


Germ Balance certification

所有使用的益生菌均屬於ATCC安全等級1 (=最高安全性)

100%天然,未經轉基因 (非轉基因)

列在歐洲食品安全局 (EFSA) 用於食品加工的安全成分清單中

符合以下OECD官方安全測試 :
    a. OECD 403 吸入毒性測試
​    b. OECD 404 急性皮膚刺激 / 腐蝕測試
​    c. OECD 405 急性眼睛刺激 / 腐蝕測試
​    d. OECD 406 皮膚感覺測試

產品符合歐盟生態標籤 (EU Ecolabel) 標準




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Benefits of Germ Balance